Team & Organization

TTOP was founded by Chairman Kao, Minhsiung, who served as the senior director of the clinical trial department in a large pharmaceutical company and CRO general manager, participated in a number of international large-scale clinical trials, and has more than 20 years of professional experience. Under the professional division, lead dedicated team members to provide the complete and rigorous service. The division of the company’s departments is as follows:

Department of Regulatory Affairs – familiar with the review service and process of clinical trial regulatory authority to ensure that the review progress can meet the needs of clients.

Department of Medical Affairs – including American pharmacy Ph.D as medical literature writers, who are familiar with foreign regulation and medical expertise, proficient in medical document writing, and customized documents that conform to national standards.

Department of Clinical Trial – the project manager group has extensive experience in medical fields such as vaccines, cancer, infection, cardiovascular, respiratory tract, ophthalmology, etc., and can integrate information from all parties, assist in troubleshooting, strengthen the effectiveness of project management, and accelerate the progress of trials.

Department of Biostatistics – the statistical analysis experts can not only accurately analyze clinical trial results, but also build a cloud operation processing system to assist trial personnel in collecting clinical trial.

Department of Quality Control – professional personnel to ensure the quality of clinical trials and inspection registration and the correctness of documents, improve service quality.